How to simply create and maintain Character Voices

Fellow writers,

Keeping track of the dozens of characters and their individual voices within the length of a novel can represent a serious challenge.

To help myself and help you, I created a simple spreadsheet to log the vocabulary, interjections, filler words, common phrases (and more) that your characters may use in your work. Each copy of the spreadsheet allows three different characters, one per column—print as many copies as you need.


WordPress: How to categorize Posts

Step 1 – Create a new Post (from the wp-admin dashboard)

Click on ‘Add New’

Step 2 – Expand the Categories parameters

The Post is ‘Uncategorized’ by default

Step 3 – Create the New Category

The ‘New Category’ parameters will appear

You can give the new category a name.

If you select a ‘Parent Category’, the category will become a sub-category of that category.

When done, click the ‘Add New Category’ button

Step 4 – (Optional) Adding the Category to the home page menu

Select ‘Menus’ under Appearance
Expand the ‘Categories’ parameters, select the category then click on ‘Add to Menu’

The category will appear under the ‘Menu Structure’. You can reorder them by dragging the category in the menu structure.