The body of a tween girl hangs from the branch of a fir tree. Stricken with grief, the father sets off looking for answers to her suicide. He scours a seedy cyberspace and the more familiar Pacific Northwest wilderness, then vanishes.

Samantha Janzen–Sam is unhappy. Her lesbian partner doesn’t support her vital need for gender reassignment. In her career, Sam is stuck as a freelance reporter covering the launch of the latest high-tech gadgets. When her mentor, the detective investigating both the suicide and the disappearance, shares the case details with her, Sam knows it will be her ticket out of the rut.

The journey toward truth and justice unravels ghastly secrets of violence, perversion, and abuse, threatening everyone involved–who will make it out alive?

“Gripping debut novel by accomplished author Mathieu Tallegas…

A spellbinding story of revenge mixed with cyber forensics, and it will keep you turning pages from start to finish… 

More startling turns than an amusement park roller coaster, managed masterfully by the author’s deft hand…

The climax will, as they say, leave you breathless.

We award five-plus stars to Feral Game. It stands among some of the best first-time novels we’ve seen in a while.” 

Publishers Daily Reviews

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