Title and Cover Reveal

After losing my memory in 2018, I had to re-teach myself a lot of the skills I had lost, some very basic. Trying to heal, I started to write. Then, ambition took over again. I decided to write my first novel, marrying who I had once been, a cybersecurity and telecommunication expert, with who I could still be, somebody able to type on a keyboard. That ambition cost me several setbacks in the years after that. Finally, in 2023, I carried the novel to the finish line with the help of writing professionals and the determination of a few doctors.

The result is Feral Game. “A spellbinding story of revenge mixed with cyber forensics, and it will keep you turning pages from start to finish,” according to PublishersDailyReviews.

I hope you enjoy it too. Find it at http://mybook.to/FeralGame

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